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Surprise Surprise… 
For its 16th candle, your favorite Spa is getting a face lift ! You are curious now?Come and visit us and witness with your own eyes…

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo that mimics real hair. Ideal for people who have lost eyebrows (stress, menopause, medications, cancer, etc.), people with sparse eyebrows, or even people who want bolder eyebrows without having to put any make up. The hairs are drawn one by one, resulting in a more natural look than a tattoo. Take an appoitment with Janine for a free consultation.

Citadine ultra-cleansing flash peel

Pollution Defense Deep CleanserHighly concentrated of exfoliating enzymes, CITYLIFE Ultra-Cleansing Flash Peel fights against skin pollution in just few seconds. Its ultra-fine foam texture melts on the skin to gently eliminate dead cells and impurities. Day after day, the skin is depolluted, softer, clear and radiant. The complexion is fresh and the pores are less visible.

While a cause locate this here is what makes thing happen, an effect is what happens because of a cause.
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