Spa Vénus Gift certificates / Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure $26.40 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Manicure” price=”26.40″]
SPA manicure or manicure with paraffin $42.54 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”SPA manicure or manicure with paraffine” price=”42.54″]
Pedicure $53.46 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Pedicure” price=”53.46″]
SPA pedicure or paraffin $67.84 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”SPA pedicure or paraffine” price=”67.84″]
Manicure with Shellac Polish $40.24 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Manicure with Shellac Polish” price=”40.24″]
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