Spa Vénus Gift certificates / Massotherapy Treatments

Swedish massage* 60 min $80.48 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Swedish massage* 60 min” price=”80.48″]
Swedish massage* 90 min $109.23 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Swedish massage* 90 min” price=”109.23″]
Relaxing rain massage* 50 min $90.83 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Relaxing rain massage* 50 min” price=”90.83″]
Relaxing rain massage with exfoliation $125.32 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Relaxing rain massage with exfoliation” price=”125.32″]
Hot Stone therapy* 60 min $102.33 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Hot Stone therapy* 60 min” price=”102.33″]
Hot Stone therapy* 90 min $137.97 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Hot Stone therapy* 90 min” price=”137.97″]
Therapeutic massage* 60 min $93.13 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Therapeutic massage* 60 min” price=”93.13″]
Therapeutic massage* 90 min $120.72CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Deep Tissue massage* 90 min” price=”120.72″]
Bamboo massage* 60 min $101.18 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Bamboo massage *60 min” price=”101.18″]
Bamboo massage* 90 min $137.97 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”Bamboo massage *90 min” price=”137.97″]


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