Spa Vénus Confirmation and reception

Confirmation and reception

Congratulation! You just completed the purchase of your Spa VÉNUS gift certificate. You will receive shortly the link to download it. You will be able to forward it immediately by email. By regular post Canada , please allow 3 to 10 days for the buyer address, if different, please contact us . If you have selected to pick up the certificate at the Spa, it will be available 24hours after your purchase. For any question concerning your purchase, please contact us at
We thank you for the interest you show toward our services.
We wish you a lot of joy offering them!

It is your turn to get pampered!
In a few days you will receive a thank you gift by e-mail or by Canada Post mail, just for you from Spa VÉNUS!(excluding special offers and Package) To be used within 2 months of the gift certificate purchase date. Thank you once again for your trust!

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