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We assure you that the proper hygiene and health protocols for Covid-19 will be respected in order to ensure everyone’s safety.


A temporary additional cost of $3.50 per visit will be applied as part of health protocols.
In order to comply with COVID-19 sanitary measures, please:
– Complete the Coronavirus questionnaire, 1 day before your appointment. Respect the regulations posted at the entrance of the Spa.
 – Use our hydroalcoholic gel available at the entrance of the Spa.
 Wear a mask during your visit to the Spa.
Masks will be available at a cost of $1.50 if you wish.
 Respect respiratory etiquette.
 – Do not wear gloves.
– Respect the exact time of your appointment.
We have 3 waiting areas for your appointment,
but if you see that there are too many people inside,
please remain outside and wait for us to allow you to enter.
 Do not come accompanied.
– Leave your shoes at the entrance of the Spa, as we do in the winter.
 Put your rain coat, jacket, etc… in the wardrobe at the reception.
– Put away your cell phone, or if it is needed urgently,
use a disinfectant wipe as well as place it in a small sandwich-style bag.
 Put all of your personal belongings (handbag, keys, wallet, etc.)
in a bin, which we will provide.
– Do not touch any products, nail polish, etc.
Your esthetician will guide you in the choice of colors
as well as make recommendations for the products you need.
– Only 1 washroom will be available,
only in case of emergency. Please take necessary precautions before your visit.
 – For a face wax, electrolysis, facial and massage therapy visit,
we ask you not to speak during this treatment.
– In case of doubt about your health,
a remote temperature measurement can be carried out.

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